Peace Out 2013!!!


Deuces up, 2013.

I had a lot of health lows in 2013, but comprehensively I absolutely adored the year. I had SO much fun, made 2 new lifelong friends and solidified another, we solidified a few new couple friends as well, I got completely out of debt (not counting student loans), spent a lot of awesome time in NYC, went to 4 of the best music festivals E-V-E-R, and had a lot of amazing work/blog opportunities.

Here is my retrospective.


January pretty much consisted solely of Friday night cheese & champagne dinners with Anna. We took a trip to New York where she introduced me to Tipsy Parson and we had oysters at the John Dory Oyster Bar at The Ace Hotel. She has good taste. And I love her.


In February, our apartment was shot for and featured in Apartment Therapy!!!


This December while in Palm Springs, a few people texted and emailed (THANK YOU!) to let me know we were on the homepage again, featured as one of the top tours of the year (And our place got 10K + pins on Pinterest!!! 10,000 + !!! )

In February I also wrote this post about our Valentine’s Day staycation in D.C. and Spike Mendelsohn’s fedoras.

bday cake

In March, I celebrated my 27th birthday in New York City with Alex (we tried ABC Kitchen for the first time), and injured my hamstring which is still an issue for me a full 10 months later. March/April began over 4 months of physical therapy, and a super super upsetting and frustrating time period. I stopped exercising ALL together when it happened, and to this day can’t do anything but Pilates without re-engaging the pain. Pilates it is I guess. I miss cardio though. I can’t do anything that involves the full weight of my body being supporting by/propelled forward by my two legs, i.e. running, elliptical, biking. I’ve tried a few times, and every time, no matter how slow I start, or gentle I am, or how much strengthening I’ve been doing to get the muscles around it strong, the pain re-starts up. So I’ve basically accepted that my hamstring is never healing. It’s hurting at this VERY moment as I type this post, and the last thing I did was attempt a 2-minute light jog in Palm Springs 2 weeks ago. Not happening.

new york bday

My sweet friends also took me out for a fun birthday day in D.C.

And in March I also chopped my hair again, by myself, with kitchen scissors. #oops

April I didn’t do much except cry. I was very shaken by my leg pain and lack of progress. I worked a lot and ate a lot of yummy pretty food, and contemplated life on Anna’s beautiful dreamy porch.

porch 2

chive omelette

But May was way better! like, amazing.

I took a road trip with my best friend and saw my love Kendrick Lamar live for the first time. IMG_2842

And I got to be part of Refinery 29’s 30 Under 30 in D.C. project, which involved a 3-day shoot with 30 of the baddest bitches in this city.


Hi John Wall ^^^

It was such a cool, creative experience and I met a lot of awesome people + wrote their stories for the feature.



In May I also covered the Sweetlife Festival for Refinery 29, and saw Karen O. blow my MIND.

In June……I went to Governor’s Ball.


It was the best 3 days of my life. I have never had so much fun. The whole experience will go down in my book for all eternity as a top life experience. I will remember the moments and feelings that whole weekend gave me for the REST of my life.



I saw GUNS N ROSES, Cut Copy, Kings of Leon, Kanye West, Grizzly Bear, Bloc Party, and Yeasayer, as close as a human could get. My brother had bought me VIP tickets as my 27th birthday present, and I get chills every time I see a photo, have a flashback, or watch a video from that weekend. It was magic. Ugh. Best weekend E.V.E.R.!!!!

Thank you Carlos!!

me and carlos!

I took this video of Kanye (1 of literally like 250) I took during his set, and only marginally thought about the extent to which what I was experiencing would be what everyone would talk about the next day. Because I’m rarely in-person experiencing the event that is then all over the blogs the next day. Like the people who were at Coachella when the Tupac hologram thing happened.

He went on this hilarious, EPIC rant about the radio, and though I was kind of eye-rolling just because it’s so easy to give him a hard time for his rants, it was also so cool and surreal to be in that crowd, Kanye being the very very very last performer of the very last day of this epic 3-day music festival rage-fest weekend, the sun down, perfect weather, just thousands of humans loving life, loving music, loving kanye, loving each other, and to be there as he says

‘you know with this album, we aint drop no single on the radio, we ain’t got no big NBA campaign or nothing like that, shit we ain’t even got no COVER….. ‘Cause honestly at this point, when I listen to radio, that ain’t where I wanna be no more. I could give a FUCK about sellin’ a million records, as long I put out a album for the summer that ya’ll can rock to all motha-fuckin summer.”

And everybody LOSING IT.

And then the next day, that being EVERYWHERE and quoted and I was like….oh I was THERE, AS it was happening. I watched this video 2 nights ago and literally every hair on my body was standing on end, because it’s so cool to have been part of. Also, the fact that he performed 4 new songs from Yeezus like a month before it was released! And I have the videos! Of him performing “send it up”, before the rest of the world got their hands on Yeezus weeks later. It’s SO FUN to watch all the videos I took of his set that night. Omg and when this video goes into “snitch”, which is one of my favorite verses of his ever, my hair STANDS. UP. ON END. I’m not kidding! Ugh, music festivals.


In June I also walked the Color Me Rad marathon (couldn’t run because of my leg), and then got a severe kidney infection and ended up in the ER and severely sick for a week, out of work, incapacitated in bed on heavy duty painkillers. (health low). ^^^ Alex snapped this picture of me PASSED the fuck out with my RAD tattoo still on my arm after we got back from the ER : (

The rest of June and July were filled with concerts, drinks and bbqs with friends, a lot of pet-sitting, some trips to the zoo, lots of trips to GoodWood, LOTS of crop tops, and all the things that make summer the best season there is.




Dan and Serbie hahahah best picture ever ^^^ this pug’s name is Tyson as you should clearly know, but he was born in Serbia and imported to the U.S. and has a Serbian passport, so Anna instantly began calling him Serbie.

July came with more trips to NYC.

View from my first time on the high line –


Exploring Greenpoint —


Breaking the Soho House no-photo rule but they can’t stop a bathroom selfie!

And a quick trip to Miami where I always find the BEST. STUFF. EVER. at Zara. The Zara at Dadeland Mall in Miami is like one of my top 5 shopping destinations in the world. Does that make me sad? Women aspire to shop on Champs-Élysées in Paris and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and “Bergdorf’s” (KILL ME) and all I need is the Zara at the Dadeland Mall in Miami.


It’s where I got the most amazing find of my 2013 besides my RICH necklace – this Jane Birkin screen printed tee for 7.99, on tripple sale and an XXL – which made it MORE perfect


Jane and the RICH necklace TOGETHER? Forget it IMG_5015

Lastly in July our place was shot for a local D.C. print publication which involved donuts and knee-high socks –


August — an amazing month. More NYC, concerts, photo shoots, and good people.



I met Viceroy at a private NYC birthday party with my best friend Peter


I <3 you Peter!


These pants happened –


H&M asked me to partner with them for the launch of their online shopping (A BIG. HUGE. DEAL. !!!!!!!!)





I covered Trillectro for Refinery 29 and had a BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST of a day, that capped off with A$AP Rocky joining ASAP Ferg on Stage.





Rocky – photo-4

At the end of August, I celebrated Labor Day in Maine with my besties – it was SO. SO. SO. SO. fun and nice to be up there, with crystal clear air after so many weekends in gritty smoggy city-land – the ocean and air ugh!



SEPTEMBER oh mah GOD September was gooooooood. Back to the city to celebrate Cheralee’s birthday. Pretty much best weekend ever.


And the best sequence of dancing of all time, ever. These might be my favorite pictures of the year. Just sheer unbridled joy and happiness, dancing with our friend Rameet.  If you had been there, our unchoreographed sequence was much like the Bradley Cooper / Jennifer Lawrence scene in Silver Linings Playbook/ Sandy and Danny in Grease. Best night/birthday celebration ever.



Also this was the trip on which I found my RICH necklace at a thrift store in the East Village


And Noemie did my hair better than I’ve ever seen it ever –



I would be such a better citizen if my hair always looked like that. The heights I would reach man.

The following weekend I covered the Virgin Mobile Free Fest for Refinery 29, and saw Chvruches and Sky Ferreira live –


And met Ghost Beach and The Knocks which was awesome –


And then went to a fun party and event at the Kennedy Center –


and wore this outfit which was one of my faves that I put together all year –



In October, I was furloughed when the government shut down, which was a MAJOR. BUMMER. But Alex and I house-sat and cat-sat for Dan & Anna when they went to Spain, which made the furlough a little less painful.


We went to District Flea almost every weekend. And I found a hat!


November  was also a surprisingly awesome month.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I did a blogger partnership with Maybelline for their new Color Elixir lipglosses –


Hung out with Tyson – better known as Serbie – IMG_6919

Went to NYC for a crazy fun weekend –



Stayed in room 666 at the Waldorf (aykmrn), Alex treated me to a massage at the Guerlain spa (IT. WAS. THE. BEST. SPA. EXPERIENCE. EVER. !!!!!!!!), and just had an illegal amount of fun.


On our way out of the city, we stumbled upon the most incredible, massive, stunning, surreal, jawdroppingly beautiful cemetary in Brooklyn, right before a storm was about to begin. I tried researching it and still haven’t figured out which it is, but it had a view of the entire skyline and was just so expansive and gothic. The whole scene, and day, felt like I was in Wuthering Heights. I took a thousand videos that I still need to upload. It was an amazing experience.


And of course, couldn’t head back to D.C. without a Bareburger black-and-white milkshake. They’re my favorite in the world. IMG_7405

Later in the month, I took Cheralee to see RAC at Rock and Roll Hotel – I had bought tickets 3 months earlier without knowing who I’d take. They were amazing!!! And I have videos I need to upload too. SO MANY VIDEOS TO UPLOAD.

We were ON their feet, it was basically a private show –



Mid-concert selfie IMG_7712 - Version 2

And, I can’t forget about our visit to Monticello, and the post I wrote about how Thomas Jefferson was a wanna-be European who wished he lived in France but was slightly stuck between a rock and a hard place since he was a president who wrote the declaration of independence –


December = PALM SPRINGS!  The year capped off with a trip to my favorite Palm Springs (and a little time in LA).




And we officially said goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014 at a party at The Kahoes

The beautiful set-up –


Dan makes a handsome bartender if I do say so myself, and always makes me secret tonics for my always-ailing tummy –


My new year’s kiss!

photo-7 2

Sike I had two –

photo-8 2



Best purchases / items I wore most often (CLOTHING):

  1. Jane Birkin tee  1. RICH NECKLACE
  2. See-through white daisy crop top
  3. Drew baseball jacket
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel
  5. Rag & Bone ripped black jeans

Jane, Rich, AND baseball jacket all together here (one of my fave pics of the YEARRRR thank you Cheralee!)


2. – I wore the white daisy top with SO many different things, from high-waisted jeans and shorts, to sheer maxis and tuxedo pants. I adore it.




4 – satchel


3 & 4 – Jacket & Satchel pictured together heeeere:


5 – The Rag & Bone ripped jeans


This outfit involved the ripped jeans, rich necklace, and satchel (ANDDD the jacket later, just not pictured) –


Best purchases / items I wore most often (SHOES):


My leopard loafers, glasses loafers, and black and brown perforated Jessica Simpson booties, all from Nordstrom Rack for super cheap

Best purchases (HOME):

These blue chairs from GoodWood –


And these blue ottomans from GoodWood –


And our Kelly Towles art –


house me and alex 1

Best moments:

  • All of Governor’s Ball but specifically: Guns ‘n’ Roses’ entire set, Kings of Leon playing the first chords of “Closer” as the sun set on day two, and Kanye’s entire set, but Guns ‘n’ Roses wins by FAR above and beyond every and anything else. There will never be a greater band, a greater FORCE. Chemistry. Magic. It was magic.
  • Stumbling upon that cemetery in Brooklyn with Alex, as the wind rustled through the leaves before a giant storm, and the light and sounds were perfectly SUBLIME and I’ve never felt anything like it
  • STUMBLING INTO JASON SCHWARTZMAN IN THE EAST VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Seeing Viceroy perform in front of my face
  • Peter’s couch in his cozy NYC apartment on a hot July Saturday, with the AC on, in PJs, having barely slept the night before, happily hungover, eating a bacon-egg-and-cheese-bagel sandwich with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf iced coffee, watching The Place Beyond The Pines on his flat screen TV
  • The moment I first saw and then picked up the RICH necklace
  • Experiencing The Meatball Shop in Brooklyn for the first time, when they were BLASTING West Coast rap
  • A night in Venice at The Brig, where they were BLASTING West coast rap
  • Every second of Palm Springs
  • Chats with Anna and dinners at Chez Kahoe
  • New friendships forming
  • Summer weekends in NYC
  • Watching the last few episodes of Breaking Bad with close friends


  • Kidney infection + Hamstring injury
  • Perioral Dermatitis
  • Personal stuff I can’t talk about on this blog
  • Car getting broken into twice

Favorite food discovery:

  • Bareburger milkshakes and burgers!! Thank you, Peter

Favorite new music:

  • Lorde

Became addicted to:

  • TV SHOW: Hemlock Grove
  • FOOD: kale, brussel sprouts, pretzel crisps, chewing ice, and OYSTERS!

Obsessed with:

  • TV SHOW: Workaholics

Overall themes:

  • Music, Hair, Friends, Fashion, Photo Shoots, Flea Markets, Food.

Wish I had an endless supply of money for:

  • Blow dries

Favorite Movie Of The Year:

  • Drama: Blue Jasmine
  • Feel-Good/Fun: Bling Ring
  • Runner-up: Blue Is The Warmest Color

Favorite Book That I Read:

  • A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley

Favorite Album:

  • Lorde Pure Heroin, Kanye Yeezus, A$SAP Rocky Long Live A$AP, and Drake Nothing Was The Same. I didn’t care for Daft Punk’s album as a WHOLE, and if you can believe it I STILL haven’t listened to Vampire Weekend’s even though they’re one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time!

2013 in one word: fun 




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5 responses to “Peace Out 2013!!!

  1. Can you be any more fly in 2014? I don’t know! haha, pretty cool year! So much stuff! I aim to do fun stuff. I will tell you this, I check out your blog a lot but last year the blog post on debt gave me chills. Do you know that encouraged me to get rid of my own debt. This bitch has two car note payments left! 3 cards paid off, two more to do, started a payment plan for two other things that I didn’t pay attention to! I’m on my way to being 80% debt free by April because of that blog post! Excluding student loans. Can’t wait to see what you do on the blog this year! Happy New Year! Also we need to hang out!

  2. i dont want to be a creeper or anything… but you are seriously gorgeous. like, stunning. your style is insane and your face is just SO BEAUTIFUL. im so weird right now. anyway – hope 2014 is just as fabulous as 2013 was!

  3. anna kahoe

    Ah shucks Alina, you are the cutest. How wonderful to be a part of your life.

  4. Lena

    I love the pic of you in a simple white daisy crop, low rise jeans, and wedges. So simple but so dope :) Love your blog…whenever I’m scrolling down Bloglovin and I see that see you’ve updated, I get excited!

  5. WE GET IT.
    You are amazing and killed 2013.

    JK. Love your more than life itself. K bye.

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