Winning The Day


Coming OFF of my post about skin, which you can tell is clearly (pun not intended ;) very important to me, Clearasil happened to send me some of their new products  (perfect coincidental timing) and asked me to post about how I #wintheday. I win the day in a lot of ways, but working out/doing Pilates (when I do it) would be the #1 way for sherrrrr. I always feel better afterwards and I am completely obsessed and in love with Pilates and how amazing it is. It’s my exercise. I’m not a yoga chick, I’m not a spinning chick, I’m not a kickboxing chick, I love zumba, but.…. I am a Pilates girl. (Hiking would probably tie but it’s more of an effort to do while living in D.C.) 


One time this Fall I was really like, amped and motivated and happy and just in the BEST mood ever and was so high off life that I was basically high-kicking in the air at a restaurant, and I was with Cheralee and Modi and we were talking about fulfillment and happiness and I was like ‘RAP MUSIC AND PILATES. THAT’S WHAT MAKES ME HAPPIEST. I WANT TO JUST TEACH PILATES CLASSES AND WORK IN THE HIP HOP INDUSTRY AND LISTEN TO TRILL TRAP MUSIC AND BE HAPPY FOREVER.’  (I think I had probably just come from a Pilates class because fashion, writing, movies, comedy, and ALL music are all chief  on my happiness list. But if  If I went to a Pilates class that PLAYED rap music I would probably just combust). So that is how I win the day. Actually If I went to a Pilates class, in LA, that played West Coast rap, and then went shopping, got a blowout, drove around in the sun, read a really good book, went to an amazing improv show, watched a Wes Anderson film, and my skin looked really good……that would probably really be winning the day.

I’ve used Clearasil products since way back in the day. Like my entire middle school and high school years was the Clearasil cream cleanser. They’re just classic. And the branding pretty much nails it because the ONE & ONLY thing that I want / that matters to me is CLEAR skin. Firm is great, moisturized is great, bright is great, but CLEAR skin is literally the only that matters. My skin hasn’t been clear since I got periorial dermatitis 6 months ago (cue me shooting myself in the head), but with my dermatologist products and these awesome new fruity smelling Daily Clear cleansers I’m really hoping that changes SOOOOON!

photo (2)

If you are interested in sampling the products, they can be yours ENTIREly for free. Clearasil is offering a rebate coupon, until March 15th of this year. So if you buy any one of these products (the cleanser, scrub, and pads – (those are my favorite)), and fill out this VERY EASY rebate, it’s free. All you have to do is click here:

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 5.20.29 PM

Literally zero dollars. You buy it, send the rebate form in, and they send you back your money. NET ZERO.

photo (2)

Also the pink retro packaging is too cute. Like it is SO 1970’s. I feel like a member of the Brady family, in the best way ever. I get happy every time I glance over at the very 70’s packaging. Super cool on Clearasil’s part. I LITERALLY feel like when I see these products I have time travelled and am looking at a beauty product in Farrah Fawcette’s (RIP) bathroom. So cute right?? I just realized I coincidentally styled them on a book I have with Brigitte Bardot on the cover. Maybe it was subliminal.

Soooo click here if you want to take advantage of the awesome rebate! and read more about the products here.

I hope to win many more days this year. I think I may make that my slogan of 2014. Can I do that? #wintheday Thanks Clearasil.

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