Hello from Palm Springs!

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It is my opinion that Palm Springs is one of THE most beautiful places on earth.

The light, colors, and silhouettes….. absolutely B-L-O-W my mind. Every second of every minute of every day I am looking around saying “this can’t be real. Is this real? THIS IS NOT REAL.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that Palm Springs is not real.

photo 8

It is so. fucking. beautiful.

The blue sky, the sun, the palm trees, the mountains, and the architecture all combine and play off of one another in the most magical, indescribable, un-capturable way. It’s a perfect place.

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This is our second year in a row of coming out here for Christmas and it is THE *BEST*.

In the mornings, we take very-early morning walks and/or hikes. We wake up at 7, brew a fresh pot of coffee, sip it at the kitchen bar, and then head out.

photo (2)

photo 2 (2)

(I’m pretty in love with my Adidas leggings that I got at the Adidas Outlet for $12).

Walking and hiking in the morning is a complete high. I think about the temperatures back East and I feel legitimately euphoric, to be out in the fresh desert air, with the most insane vivid colors and sights, exercising outdoors with the whole day ahead of us.

After walking, we come back to the house and have more coffee and breakfast & down-time, like reading.

photo (1)

photo (17)Palm Springs is the land of amazing rentals. Like 9 out of 10 houses are rentals to out-of-town vacationers, and they are gorgeous, spacious, TRICKED-OUTTTTTT., and so affordable. The guy who rents our place has 3 properties and travels all over and just rents his various homes out while he explores glass factories in Europe. Standard Palm Springs. You can seriously get a MANSION with an insane pool situation and gorgeous kitchen and stunning grounds because like….every single home in Palm Springs is like that, and owned by a wealthy gay couple.

Around 11:30, the sun comes flooding our chaise lounges out by the pool.

photo 1 (1)

We hang out by the pool, and have lunch out there. The property is a veritable orchard. On the grounds there is an orange tree, lemon tree, kumquat tree, pomegranate tree, and grapefruit tree.


Every morning and all throughout the day, we cut fresh squeezed lemons for our water. It is so refreshing. I have never been this hydrated.

I have an orange a day as a snack, and just walk out back and literally pick it off the tree. It feels borderline bougie to just pick a fucking orange off a tree and eat it. Like the ACT of literally plucking it from its vine and hearing the sound of the separation of the orange from the tree that you are going to then eat is so rich.

Then I’ll have some grapefruit for breakfast or later in the day. It’s a complete joke. THEY ARE JUST ON A FUCKING TREE. AND YOU PLUCK THEM OFF THE GOD DAMN TREE. This is also STANDARD in Palm Springs. Like if you live in Palm Springs and don’t have a kumquat tree on the grounds of your property you’ve done something horribly wrong.

We hang out by the pool until about 3:30, by which time the sun is almost completely behind the mountain. The light at that point is equally beautiful.

photo (9)

When the sun “goes down” (it hasn’t set yet, it’s just not on the pool), we usually chill more for a few hours. Read, watch TV, talk, just hang out.

Around 6ish we either start getting ready to go out for dinner, or start cooking.

Palm Springs is kind of a foodie town. There are a LOT of amaaaaaaazing restaurants.

Saturday night, we went to Workshop, which was just so. so. good. Last night, we grilled chicken wings and made home made fries and salad with toasted almonds. Before dinner I even went for a run outside. It was my first attempt at running since I broke my hamstring last March. Palm Springs is extremely flat so I figured I’d give it a shot. Running with all the green, trees, and mountains is such a beautiful experience. I simply cannot believe I have to go back to 32 degree weather.

I ran through a park that is near our rental, where we also went for a walk this morning. Most of Palm Springs looks very typical California, but then you get little pockets that ALMOST look like an East Coast Fall.

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (1)I love it.

Town has all kinds of good restaurants and design stores. The EPITOME of retro. Also, there is a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and a giant statue of Marilyn Monroe, with all kinds of fabulously retro motels & motel signage. You KIND of feel like you are literally on a movie set. Like you are in one of those movies about movie sets where everything looks super fake and is supposed to look fake but it’s just ACTUALLY what California and Palm Springs is like. It really does start to feel kind of meta.

Our rental is super close to town, so we walk in several times a day. We walked to and from our dinner at Workshop Saturday.

Today, Alex’s friend and her amazing Milanese boyfriend drove in from LA to spend the day with us. We had brunch at Cheeky’s (a very famous, fairly-safe-to-call-Hipster brunch spot in town), then came back to the pool and played R. Kelly, drank blue moons with fresh orange wedges PLUCKED FROM THE TREE, tanned all day, and then went to the Ace hotel for a photobooth stop and snack from the King’s Highway diner. The hotel is kind of suffocatingly hipster but the actual food served at the restaurant is EXTREMELY good.

photo (4)

photo (6)

photo (2) 2

photo (3)

We have so many days left but I have little moments each day where my heart actually aches that I will leave this fantasy land to head back to the exotic District of Columbia. Literally…………I cannot.

So many more pictures and things to say but I just wanted to say a quick hello from one of my favorite places on earth. <3 Hope you’re having a nice holiday break!


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One response to “Hello from Palm Springs!

  1. Lena

    1. Gorgeous pictures. That scenery is UNREAL.
    2. Love your Adidas pants. The pink ones? Oh em gee.
    3. The pink bikini top is so so so cute. I usually hate pink, I don’t know why I’m loving these pink items so much.
    4. Your hair looks great.
    5. You look so happy. Have a happy new year!!!

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