Dolce Vita Flippa Cap Toe Lace Up Oxford Flats


One of my favorite destinations to shop in all of the world is the Bloomingdales on Broadway in New York City.

It’s just quaint enough to actually feel manageable and dare I say – cozy.

I can’t think of a single time I’ve ever visited New York City in the last 5 years of my life and not found 10 minutes to stop in, just to browse.

It’s in the dead middle of Soho, and I love wandering around my favorite streets – Prince and Mott and Mulberry and Elizabeth – getting a latte at Balthazar, and then hitting up my familiar little Bloomies.

This past summer I went to the big giant famous historic Bloomingdales uptown for the first time in my life, and literally have never been so overwhelmed and numb. I don’t like giant stores. There’s so much stimulation that I actually am unable to process any of it. It’s just….so…..much……
Every brand in the entire world. Tables and tables and tables of denim, 10 floors, it feels miles long and wide. It’s like, what is the point. Where can anyone begin. It’s like a corn maze in the middle of Tokyo or some other horrific and overwhelming commercial experience. I felt desensitized. I walked down aisle after aisle and was like, none of this is even interesting or catching my eye because it’s JUST. SO. MUCH that everything starts to feel meaningless.

I felt the same way about Barney’s. Like it actually depressed me. The layout, set-up, size, quantity of stuff. It filled me with a deep-seated sense of emptiness. I spent approximately 10 minutes in each place before being like “get me out of here.” Maybe this is just me, or maybe you know what I’m talking about, but when you walk into a department store you either feel connected to a combination of factors that all combine to give it the “feeling” that you sense upon walking in….., or you don’t. Like you either like the place or don’t. I don’t know what those are…. size, layout, lighting, something. But I HATE almost every department store in New York City besides the teeny tiny little Bloomies on Broadway. And I don’t hate the Macy’s at Union Square even though it’s big…it just has a better feeling than the others.

dolce vita flat

I always find at least one amazing thing at that Bloomingdales, which brings me to these darling cap-toe lace-up oxfords (or I call them tap shoes) that I am absolutely IN LOVE WITH.

Alex and I went up to New York City a few weekends ago (I have a re-cap post coming!) and though it was a super busy weekend I of course steered our ship to the Bloomies on Broadway because I couldn’t leave without at least seeing what’s there.


They were having a shoe sale, and somehow I beelined for the cheapest shoe in the entire store.

I couldn’t. Handle. How Cute they were.



They were only $55.00 for the sale, and the only thing I purchased the whole weekend. I was so happy to find such a dream-find for so inexpensive.

I wore them out that night with leather pants, since wearing heels for a Saturday night out in New York City is actual suicide. Normally I feel super lame/fugly if I’m wearing flats out at night, but I didn’t even CARE that I “had” to wear flats out because the shoes add so much / are so cute.


I wore them the next day for a chill Sunday of milkshakes, brunch, and cemetery exploring.




I love wearing them with tights and skirts / dresses.



You know those pieces that you get complimented on an AWKWARD amount? I have a few of those, but in one week alone have never experienced anything like this. I wore them to this outlet event and people are obsessed with these shoes. I got asked where I got them / told they were the cutest shoes ever at least 30 times. 30 times. I am NOT EXAGGERATING. 30 TIMES.

I thought they’d be a unique store-only lucky find, but after a quick search found that they are in full-stock, every size available, and same sale price ($55.00) on right now. It’s times like these that I wish I wasn’t too lazy to have ever signed up for any kind of affiliate shopping program because I am rewarded absolutely 0 percent if you click on or purchase anything from my blog. Nothing. Not one cent. So there’s no incentive to me if you do anything, just wanted to share the cutest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned.

They are beyond comfortable, versatile, and just absolutely adorable.

And that is all.

Shoe Love = True Love.


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2 responses to “Dolce Vita Flippa Cap Toe Lace Up Oxford Flats

  1. THat’s something you don’t see everyday. When I went to NY for a funeral I saw a really beautiful one that I thought would be cool to walk through! Glad to see i’m not the only one to enjoys this. Anyway, very nice trip. Do you mind sharing what hotels you stay at up there? I get so anxious looking for them that I never end up going.

  2. ahh, you have me pretty much convinced i need to purchase them. are they true to size?

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