Life & Weekend Update


A selfie from when I was FURLOUGHED. Yes for 3 weeks I didn’t know if I had a job (the one that pays my rent / health insurance) and was confused, frustrated, depressed, sad, angry, and lost; and turned to the only thing I know to count on in this world – a post-blowout selfie. And the blowout was free, chill. Oh and cat/house-sitting.


But then the shutdown ended and I lived happily ever after.

About time for a random update on day to day life around these parts.


Weekends are my most favorite thing in the entire world. The past few Saturdays have been so lazy and amazing. Like we wake up, leave the house to get bagels from Bagels Etc./coffee or go to Tabard Inn for donuts/coffee, and then pretty much get right back into bed for the rest of the day after hitting up District Flea.  I watch Parenthood on Netflix, or blog, and Alex plays Grand Theft Auto 5. He, like the rest of the country/world, got swept up in the hype. He isn’t a video game PERSON; like he isn’t my brother. My brother reads video game reviews and is that person who you hear a noise at 3 in the morning and it’s him in the living room with headgear on playing World of Warcraft with some 10 year old kid in Minnesota telling him he’s a little bitch as they virtually shoot virtual zombies in virtual battle gear.

Alex was never a video game guy but I’m happy that he got into GTA5 because 1.) it’s hilarious / amazing 2. ) as my friend Kate told me (who IS a video game girl and in fact is such a video game girl that she is the kind of girl who goes to the mall at MIDNIGHT the night that Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming out and stands in line to buy it), it’s like a visual tour of L.A.  Like Alex took me through the Griffith Park Observatory, The Hollywood Bowl, Mulholland Drive. It’s like…..legitimately fun because I feel like I’m in L.A. which is my favorite place on earth and 3.) my brother sent me the Conan O’Brian review of the game, and I love Conan O’ Brian and his 15 minute demo of the game made me love it. Actually just tonight, Alex’s friend Ben (this girl’s husband) called and he was on speaker. This is how their conversation unfolded V.E.R.B.A.T.I.M. Keep in mind they are DEAD serious as they discuss this.

“Ben: So, I bought a helicopter.
Alex: Go on.
(at this point my eyebrows cock but I assume they are schticking, like about a toy helicopter or some kind of code or something)
Ben: But…..where is it?
Alex: Okay so you have to wait several days for it to arrive, and when it does, it will end up on the roof.”

THAT’S when I realized they were talking about GRAND THEFT AUTO 5, and that’s when I said “are you guys actually fucking kidding me right now.” At which point they proceeded to discuss Ben’s helicopter some more in dead-serious tone as though the logistics they were discussing were real life. Alex is “farther along” than Ben in the game so Ben frequently calls him for “advice.”

But if we’re not snuggling inside the house doing mindless tv-watching/relaxing/flea marketing, we’re viewing apartments for fun.


We saw THIS amazing place which was SO. SO. SO. SO. SO. gorgeous but didn’t have a dishwasher, laundry, or garbage disposal which is like THE reason we would move. It was less square footage and less convenient (not directly next to a grocery store) and same drawbacks as our current situation so not worth it, even for those gorgeous hardwoods!



At District Flea I get the same thing e’ry time: a grilled cheese from No. 1 Sons that either has sauerkraut kimchi or dill pickles. They’re…….good….. The krat is my fave.


I’ve gone 5 times now.


Every time I’ve gone I’ve seen these dudes and I swear to god the term je ne sais quois has never applied to human beings more. I have NEVER seen people exude such coolness. Their style is INSANE. EVERY SATURDAY, there’s like 7 of them and just something about the way they dress, carry themselves, the way their jeans are rolled, their shirts and jackets, and the vibe they exude, I’ve spent 5 saturdays being like “who. ARE. these guys they are the coolest humans ever.”

Finally this past one, because Audrey was with me, I got up the courage to be like “hey…so….you guys are…cool..”


They are from a style collective called “Search and Rescue Squad” and they’re based out of Philly.

It’s gotten too cold now for Dolcezza to be at the flea, but a for a few weeks they were there selling their gelato push pops which were funnnn since push pops are always more exciting than any other way to eat gelato


On Sundays we wake up and go to Union Market or Room 11 or cook at home, stop into GoodWood if we didn’t do that on Saturday, and then do things like laundry, grocery shopping, and work for the week.



Fall on Lamont Street is awfully pretty!

The pecan sticky bun from Room 11:


Oysters from Rappahannock Osyters at Union Market -





I went shopping with Cheralee at Forever 21 and got some great stuff, likeeeee that Yaley sweatshirt up above (this is the SECOND Yale sweatshirt I have bought from Forever21, they’re like my favorite thing ever) and  this jersey dress – (I have shorts on underneath don’t worry )


The reason I was drawn to it was because it reminded me of this amazing red-and-blue one Alexandra from 4th and Bleeker (top 2 fave fashion blogger ever) had worn, the image for which was ingrained in my mind ’cause it’s so good, and when I saw this one I was like, okay it’s not red/blue but I feel like the IDEA of it is the closest I’ll ever get to finding something similar to hers -


So I instagrammed it, and then she liked my instagram!


And then


*LITERALLY* 2 days later

I found THIS version at Urban Outfitters. AYKMRN?!


It has identical coloring and stripes. It’s identical. It was weird.

I found a hat that I like on that same Urban Outfitters trip:

hatIt looks nice on my clothing rack:


I finally wrapped up a feature I’d been working on for months (literally since July!), a Single Dudes in D.C. Piece.


You can check it out heeeeere:

Audrey and I shot it over 3 months at various locations – most recently we snapped Omar (the owner of D.C.’s Napoleon, Bonaparte, and Malmaison) at the Kogod Courtyard of the National Portrait Gallery – BE-YOND beautiful.


She’s my fave.




The courtyard is so visually impressive, it really wows you. On that note, I took Alex back to the National Portrait Gallery this past weekend and it is hands down, by LEAPS AND BOUNDS my favorite museum in this city.

I was straight up LOSING it over the Civil War stuff. There isn’t one thing that gets me going more. I am the BIGGEST U.S. History nerd but particularly about Civil War, slavery, reconstruction, early to mid to late 1800′s so i.e. the whole century. Like I am obsessed with the world wars, and the 60′s, 60′s, and pretty much every decade in the 20th century, but the DOCUMENTS and PORTRAITS and PERSONALITIES from the 19th century are something else. I kept walking past portraits being like HENRY CLAY MY MAN! Sherman you old dog. John Brown you crazy ass motherfucker. And obvi I get like, legitimately teary-eyed re: any/all things Daniel Webster.

Can we TALK about the typography during this era?







I was literally FLIPPING out. Like  I am OBSESSED by America in the 1800′s. I can’t even. I could spend 234323423 hours looking through this stuff. I think I am going to move into the National Portrait Gallery’s Civil War section.

Then, because Alex and I felt like having a museum day, we went to the Phillips Collection to see the Van Gogh exhibit “Repetitions” and it was SO amazing you have to go!!!! My favorite of his repetitions was this version of the Postes man – the one with green flowered wallpaper.


I hadn’t been to the Phillips since they built a Mondrian-painted Tryst inside of it. It was SO cute!!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_6717

Alex surprised me with the prettiest macarons ever, from a new Georgetown spot, “Olivia.”

We’ve eaten some healthy salads.



When I’m not eating pastries I live on edamame, kale, cherry tomatoes, lemon, and fresh parmesan.

I’ve had a few breakfasts from Pleasant Pops – they have the yummmmmmiest pumpkin bread from Bakehouse D.C.


I snapped this pretty house in Adam’s Morgan, my favorite because black-and-white high contrast graphic is my MIDDLE NAME / DNA
IMG_6057Along those lines (do my pillows & top give away how much I love graphic black and white?) , I finally got around to tailoring a top I’d purchased 7 years ago in Barcelona from Mango that is my favorite thing E-V-E-R. It makes me SO happy to wear / look at again that I could die! It’s been sitting in a bag in a closet for YEARS.


It has black shiny plastic appliqué squares and circles – with some of the circles being open and some closed. It’s a party. IMG_6760


I’m enjoying GHOSTMALLOWS being back in store –


I created this meme for Anna on National Cat Day, I crack myself up –


I love how girly my desk is, with its make-up and photos and jewelry and hot pink –


And don’t worry about this new thing. It’s just Alex’s new car that his new company bought for him. ‘s All good.


We just drive around the city in a leather 2013 BMW THAT IS THE SICKEST THING EVER. I still drive a Honda Civic but like, DO I? This Saturday we will be driving to Monticello because I have never been and / or did on a field trip when I was kid but don’t remember it so if you don’t remember something you’ve never been. It has a dual climate so I can be bathing in a glorious 96 degrees while Alex keeps his side frigid and we’re both happy and my seats have warmers and it’s a beautiful sleek sexy european driving machine and every time I see it I die. And then get in “my” upholstered Civic and weep. jk jk Hondas are wonderful wives. They’re just like, the dependable stocky sturdy russian soup kitchen wife that will never let you down, and the beemer is the young german supermodel except not young actually, wise and experienced and smooth and nimble and beautiful. #ridinroundandgettin’it

SPEAKING of weeping, The Boston Red Sox just won the World Series. I was 18 years old and 2 months in to my freshman year of college the last time they did and I remember the communal JOY because it was New England so WE WERE SOX FANS as a campus. I remember it being the first time I felt close to the new people I’d begun a new phase of life with. We were in a dorm room and the joy was euphoric and I can feel it like it was yesterday. Go Sox.


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4 responses to “Life & Weekend Update

  1. Crystal

    Y’now who I’m so obsessed with because I’m obsessed with the civil war & he was in the Ken Burns documentary & wrote THE definitive books on the civil war- Shelby Foote. He was always popping up in the documentary and his accent is straight up old southern style! I felt like he was actually from the Civil War and providing some crazy bridge back in time, I got super obsessed and read all his books and I basically want to marry him but he’s dead. Sad face. ANYWAY, huge Shelby Foote fan over here.

  2. Lindsey P.

    Is that apartment in Harvard Hall? I lived there for almost 3 years…loved that place, but then decided to get married and follow my Air Force husband down to Florida. We both talk about my old apartment…like on a weekly basis…and how much we miss it. Le sigh. I love reading your blog and seeing all of my old favorite spots. Makes me homesick! And then I realize that I live in a world of palm trees and 80+ degree weather in November and that life is pretty great.

  3. Sadie A

    Audrey’s jacket is amazing!!!! Do you know where she got it? It’s so hard to find a good parka.

    Thanks so much, love your blog x

  4. Laura P.

    Hi Alina- big fan of the blog, and all of your random observations about life in DC which I thoroughly enjoy. Totally random, but after reading about your viewing apartments, I wanted to let you know that the apartment I just moved out of has all the things on your wishlist (dishwasher, disposal, laundry in apt) and is near (I think?) where you guys currently live– 17th and Willard NW. It’s in a really charming older building and I loved the apartment, which is why I am trying to help the landlord find a new tenant. If you’re interested in viewing, let me know!

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