H&M 50 States of Fashion – Look 2

HM Look 2 1

For my second look as the New Hampshire / Dartmouth ambassador in honor of the launch of H&M e-commerce in the U.S. (in case you were sleeping, you can now shop online at H&M!!), I got to style this insanely awesome cropped, sort of….chunky-knit but also see-through but also metallic silver threaded sweater. It’s available online to purchase here!

HM Look 2 2

Again, as I was going through the package of what they sent me, I was like…H&M knows my style and knew exactly what to send me. I mean it’s a crop top! A cropped sweater. Actually when I was staying at my friend Peter’s in NYC recently (I’ve known Peter since we were 5 years old and in 4th grade he gave me a giant Hershey’s kiss for Valentines Day and now we’re 27 and it’s awesome – actually he, me, and Ellie, have all been a threesome (not like that) since we were literally in kindergarten) – and I wore a crop top out on Friday night, and then on Saturday I wore a crop top to go get bagels and iced coffee with him, and he very nonchalantly observed, “you sure like the midriff.” I responded, “”nother day, ‘nother crop top.” Because really doesn’t that sum it all up. Another day, another crop top. I have my nighttime crops, my daytime crops, cropped sweatshirts, cropped turtlenecks, and now this amazing cropped sweater. The wonderful world of crops. Won’t you join me there?

HM Look 2 3

I could have worn the sweater with some jean cut-offs and heels, which would normally be my steeze with something like this, but the pants were just so comfy and way more “nighttime” (given their color and silky-soft nature) than a pair of jean cut-offs even though I wear jean cut-offs for ‘nighttime’ looks all the time, but I figured I’d give your eyes a break from me in jean cut-offs since that’s all I wear.

HM Look 2 1

For the rest of the outfit, I had on a white American Apparel cropped tank underneath the sweater since, well, you have to wear something underneath the see-through sweater, and I love the way a bright white pops through a silvery-metallic-black. White nails, since white nails are everything. Giant lucite cocktail ring that I got at the Marc Jacobs book store in Soho for $5 (don’t ask me how this ever occurred – people have offered to buy this ring off of me for hundreds of dollars and I’m like, it was a TOY in a bin at the book store – but it’s faceted in this awesome geometric star way and I’ve had it for years and it’s a very cherished possession that I wouldn’t sell for all of the hundreds). Gold ear cuff-and-chain from Windsor Store. And silver metallic heels from Zara.

Katie and I took the pics on my roof with some crazy lighting and creepy birds. ‘Twas pretty cool.

Speaking of the pants tho, they literally do not come off of my body. Last night I went to an amazing bluesy-funky-jazzy-motown-y concert and wore them with a tee shirt, I wore them to run errands this week, I wore them to see Blue Jasmine at the movies, I wear them with absolutely everything. They are one of the best single items my wardrobe will ever see. You can buy them online as well, here! You can see my first look involving the pants here.

Remember to take pictures and instagram your looks with the hashtag “HMShopOnlineNH” for a chance to win a grand prize of a grand and a trip to NYC!

Contest ends August 21, 2013, 7PM EST.  You must be a U.S. resident and 21 years of age or older to participate.  Official rules here.


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2 responses to “H&M 50 States of Fashion – Look 2

  1. Lena

    Um……holy crap you are beautiful! I mean, I never thought you weren’t before, but let’s just say the blurry iphone photos don’t do you very much justice, lol. You look great!

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