Libby Diament & Rachel Pfeffer– DC design darlings!

As I mentioned in this post, my boyfriend and I recently went to #thecutestdinnerpartyever at my friend Libby Diament’s house, with another couple we frequently hang out with, Rachel Pfeffer and her man. It inspired me to write a bit more about both of them because Libby and Rachel HAPPEN TO BE two of my favorite jewelry designers/makers/sellers/people in the DC area. They are sooooooo cute and quirky and fun and so talented. Outrageously so.

I first met them by chance, in the natural world. Like I didn’t research them or hear about them, I literally happened upon them and their skills (Libby on the street while shopping, and Rachel at a party– more on that below). Then, upon realizing their skills, our connection was in the capacity of them being editorial content for the fashion writing I do (I’ve written both of them up in separate posts both for my former job at The Feast and then for Refinery 29– Rachel here, and Libby here), and thennnnnnnnnn we fast became friends-friends. Like sometimes you write about people and they are just……people are you are writing about. And then sometimes you meet someone, set up an interview, and then you’re like…wait…you’re extremely cool and I would like to hang out with you in my legitimate personal life. And then you do.

I seriously am in love with them both. I have full credit for introducing them because after meeting both of them I realized “these two would be in LOVE,” and so I introduced them at a blogger event, and now– when we all sit at a dinner table, they excitedly/adorably huddle together and talk really fast about jewelry-maker things like craft fairs and welding and the difficulty of crafting molds out of wax and dust on the floor and Etsy and how they do their shipping and how often they go to the post office, and I sit there with all of our boyfriends like, “sooooooo how bout these carrots boys!!!” And their boyfriends are really cute about it too, like “you should totally do that craft fair in San Fran babe, it’s a game-changer.”And then I feel left out and want to go to the game-changing craft fair with them in San Fran too.

It’s such a specific craft and like anything, it’s got its own world of jargon and names and trade fairs etc.,  so how many other local people can you bond with over the trials of wax melting right?, so I am so excited and happy they are friends!! Well, that all of us are. They both have super cute work-desks…I don’t know what you call them..welding desks? Where they sit and do their manual work like literally using a torch to mold metals and wire and things..they are badass chicks! And Libby also sells vintage charms and treasures. I legitimately love them.

This is one of my favorite things that Libby sells–

It’s a vintage bracelet replated with 14k gold and it’s so simple and elegant and delicate and chic. I wear it with everything. In fact, in this post I wrote about what I wear for a night out on the town, it’s what I’m wearing– the “one thin gold bracelet and you’re ready to go.” It looks AMAZING on the wrist.

I first met Libby because she was selling her wares on a street fair in DC and I wasn’t even scouting for content, I literally was living my own “Alina-Gonzalez-the-person” life, and was obsessed with everything at her table. I bought the cutest retro necklace of hers, and then, the light bulb clicked and I said “oh do you live here, I’m always looking for local talent to feature” and she said “oh I just moved here from Brooklyn and I’m just excited to get to know my way around” and I was like “awwww tell me more!” and she told me all about how she does this professionally and how at her old 9-to-5 job, they had a program where they sponsored certain classes, so Libby signed up for jewelry making, and then it really became a passion and then she started having big dreams about doing it full time, and then she quit her job, and now she does. And then we met for coffee so I could interview her for The Feast, but realized at coffee that we would actually be friends.

She has really darling and dainty things at incredible price points that make PERFECT GIFTS. Like these shell studs for $12.00

And vintage gold star studs

And star ring ($10.00!)

And initialed heart ring for $10 (all vintage)

And this beautiful textured gold wire bracelet

And my favorite thing which are the vintage nameplate bracelets. I wish my name were Robin.

And Rachel’s designs are so sparkly and edgy– I’ve never been with her and a stranger or friend hasn’t fawned over the necklace or massive drusy cocktail ring she’s wearing (that she made). I first met Rachel because I was at a Thanksgiving day party (her boyfriend and my boyfriend share some college friends), and a few of the people at the party were wearing these amazing pieces (all of the girls who were friends with Rachel, and Rachel herself) and I was like yooooooo I’M OBSESSED WITH YOUR RING WHAT IS THAT, and Rachel is all nonchalant like “oh I made it” and I shriek and start flipping out and I’m like WHAT?!!!!! YOU MADE THAT?!?!?!? And everyone there is like “yeah you didn’t know Ben’s fiance is like a legit jeweler?” and I was like um NO, NOBODY FUCKING TOLD ME, I HAVE TO INTERVIEW HER. And then I was afraid she would think I was a creep, but I desperately wanted to do a video feature with her, so I sent her a note after the party and was like “you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to but I was thinking maybe we could film you actually crafting something at your studio!??!” and she said yes and then we did that and then we’ve been friends ever since.

Like, are you kidding me blue drusy ring with little baby gold hearts?

Or snow white drusy in prongs? Look at that bad boy!

Everything she makes is completely hand-made. The ad copy for the piece says, “I fabricated the setting from scratch sterling silver, and oxidized it to black shiny finish, which contrasts nicely with the white of the stone!” Yes it does.

Or sparkling black graphite drusy (my kind of stone– moody and dark and sexy)

Handmade initial hearts necklace:

Or these raw looking bow and arrow studs

Or this HAND-KNOTTED silver bow ring. Every corner, shape, edge,..everything is hand M-A-D-E.

And are you kidding me turquoise heart ring????

The item post says the ring “features a beautiful turquoise heart cabochon with great black matrix I set it in a handmade sterling silver bezel setting which I oxidized to a black finish, and set it on top of a double gold-fill band.” I don’t speak handmade jewelry talk, but that’s amazing!!!

And just like, how pretty is this yellow gold drusy ring?

Or this super cute single brass heart necklace that I adore:

They’re both just really charming and intelligent. And H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. And like legitimately famous. They’ve been featured on the Etsy homepage and Etsy ‘I quit my dayjob’ feature, and in Time Out New York, and all this other big press. And they’re also really pretty. I think being pretty and charming is kind of cosmically part of being a cute jewelry designer.

I can’t believe I know people that are this creative and really successful. I am happy they are in my life. If you ever come to DC and want me to introduce you to some really cool jewelry babes, I got you.


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3 responses to “Libby Diament & Rachel Pfeffer– DC design darlings!

  1. Desiree

    These are amazing!

  2. OMG I love everything! I want that bow ring and that drusy ring and a name bracelet im dyingggggg

  3. aw you’re so sweet thank you (even though I don’t make the stuff hah it still compelled a thank you), and I feel the same way which is exactly why I wrote the post!! I want to own every single one of the pieces I put in. !! haha it’s bad. I’m so happy you liked them all!!! : ) I know Libby and Rachel will be too! : ) xx

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