Photo Teasers

{You can see the columns where we shot in the reflection of the sunglasses. Un fucking believable. My brother is AMAZING.} Do you like my neon feather earrings?! They were a purchase in New Orleans for six bucks! At the same place where I got this whole outfit. It’s called Funky Monkey. Go there.

Well my boyfriend, brother and I just had a grand old time doing some outfit posts on Sunday. I won’t go into specific outfit details here because I am going to do separate posts but just wanted to give you some teasers!! How AMAZE is my bro? These are RAW!!!!!!!!!!!! As in, he did this with the camera, not editing. This ain’t even the half of it. I am so lucky to be related to him. Like what brother is cool with taking 4 million fashion pictures of his sister on a Sunday in his spare time. Well, I guess one who loves photography. But he is so chill and also hilarious. If you only knew what these behind the scenes were like. Get ready for the brother-sister duo of us. Stay tuned for more! Also my dad is a photographer/cameraman and my mom is a writer so basically our entire family was born for blogging. You’re destined to do what you’re destined to do, you know?


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6 responses to “Photo Teasers

  1. gorgeous! love the pictures and can’t wait to see the rest.

  2. Wow your brother is incredible….. I want him inside me….

  3. you look like a model in a magazine. seriously. XOXO
    OH! by the way, did you see this?
    it’s a DC area blogger event :)

  4. OH my gosh I know EXACTLY where you took these photos – at my absolute favorite spot in the city! Three cheers for the Arboretum, it really is the best.

    Hand drawn:
    My Closet in Sketches

  5. lAUUUURREENN so happy to get a comment from you! It is the most beautiful place I’ve been in DC– without question. I still have so many pics from that day that I need to post. We should go there sometime!! When I was there, all these peeps were having picnics and being cute. Actually one couple was getting their engagement photos done hah. It’s like the perfect spot for everything. You can sketch the columns and I’ll take awkward fashion photos! ‘s perf.

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