Neon and Mesh

Last night, my boyfriend and I went to THE.MOST.ADORABLE. french/belgian bistro in Georgetown called Cafe Bonaparte.  We had a delicious cheese plate with fresh honeycomb, a crepe with sausage and fontina cheese, and steamed mussels in white whine. And the whole thing was only $40.00! It’s my new favorite date spot in the city. Then we saw a late night showing of the DARLING film “Beginners” with my favorite actress in the game, Melanie Laurent (best known as playing the infamous Shoshanna in Tarrantino’s “Inglorious Basterds”- my favorite film). It was such a creative storyline and so touching and sweet and poignant. I loved it. I am dog/house-sitting this weekend (literally the best gig ever- $300 bones IN MY POCKET for sleeping in a nice house and cuddling with dogs), so with the money I made, I bought myself something I’d been coveting for 6 months– The Isabel Marant Kosta Open Knit tank. It looks like mesh, but it’s actually entirely knit, like a sweater, except lightweight and easy breezy. And it was on craaaaycray sale– ($100.00 from $185 at Hu’s Wear in Georgetown!!!!!!!). I wore it over a neon green tank top, with black skinny jeans and my new mesh-ish Pency platform booties that I blogged about (obsessively) here.You may be thinking ‘woah alina, that’s a little too much mesh for me, mesh on top and mesh on your feet?’, but it looked REALLY cute! If I don’t say so myself. The two perforated items did pick up on each other, and it worked. I don’t even really like the word ‘mesh’  to describe these two items, because it implies a basketball jersey and is just a super tacky material, and neither of these are that– the top is from KNIT cotton, and the shoes are from suede and leather, but the look does mimic the look of what we typically think of as mesh.

I wore a vintage, super-structured black cross-body bag with gold closure, and these AMAZING arrow/chevron black-and-gold earrings that my boyfriend surprised me with when we were in Maine for the 4th of July. He saw them in a cute boutique in Portland and knows I WORSHIP chevron/arrow imagery, so he snagged them for me. #BestPresent. That’s not my Hermes box, by the way, my boyfriend got a tie for his 25th birthday, but it was the perfect contrast to photograph the earrings with.

I first saw the Isabel Marant top in person when I was covering a story on “Summer Trends” for my job as Fashion/Shopping Editor at The Feast. And I hadn’t been able to get it out of my head but was just praying it would go on sale, and over the months, I continued to see it, first on one of my favorite bloggers/style inspirations Elin Kling: see below:

(Well, her version wasn’t the tank, but it was still the same white mesh from Isabel’s line, just in long-sleeved version.) And then I saw it on Kate Bosworth, both on the cover of Nylon and in person, and interesting fact– I think the stylist CUT it into a crop top for her Nylon cover!

When I got to the dog’s house where I was petsitting and saw my check waiting for me on the fridge ($$$$$$), I was inspired to call the store where I’d first seen the top. I asked them if they had it, and what the price was, and was t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d to discover that both the white mesh tank/dress AND the gorgeous pastel-rugby top I’d been coveting since first seeing them, were 40 percent off. You might remember me blogging about this top awhile back. It was basically my dream top. My favorite aesthetic in the entire world is what people wore in the 1970’s– like the outfits from the movies “Dazed and Confused” and “Wet Hot American Summer.” I love sporty rugby tees and bell bottom jeans and curduroy, and the casual California stoner-chic skater/surfer vibe, and Isabel’s entire Spring/Summer ready-to-wear line this year was that. This is what said in reference to the Isabel Marant S/S ’11 line (which was actually WEIRD to read, because it’s  like the one collection in the history of the world that feels like it was personally designed for me in terms of what I love and crave):

Marant took her first trip to California earlier this year and fell in love with its chill vibe. This collection, she said, was an ode to surfing and the early days of skateboarding. That seventies feeling meant there were cutoffs in denim or corduroy with everything from bright check button-downs to shrunken fisherman sweaters. Sports references came fast and furious: A vintage-looking silk baseball jacket in embroidered washed silk was followed by nipped and fitted rugby-stripe dresses and slightly oversize football-jersey tees.

Ummmm, YES. FUCKING. PLEASE. I loved EVERYTHING from it, but when I saw these two items in person at Hu’s Wear, I knew I would have to have them. The rugby tee ended up being 160 from 300, so I got BOTH items for 260 and still have money left over– just for dogsitting for a weekend! #seeyouonmybody,IsabelMarant. They are the first things I have ever owned from Isabel Marant and I am so happy. The rugby top looks REALLYREALLYREALLY cute over the mesh tank, with just a few inches of the white mesh peeking out from it, I can’t wait to show you what it looks like. With super skinny jeans and the same Pencey boots? Seeeyaaa.

Below, I put together a collage on Polyvore to illustrate the outfit I wore. The Pencey booties I got on sale also come in black, which are super cute. I obviously couldn’t find my exact earrings online, but I LOVE these two arrow-themed pieces from House of Harlow (Nicole Richie’s line) and would easily wear the outfit below. The items that are directly shoppable are below the picture.

Neon and Mesh


Michael Stars mesh tank top
$25 –


PS- the Pencey booties are still available in black on ShopBop for $158.00, in several sizes. Snatch those babies up!!

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