AT&T Flash Mob Commercial

Haha my boyfriend and I just saw this ad on tv for the first time and we were laughing so hard. It’s nerdy but I love it. I rewound the commercial with the DVR and watched it twice more and then again on youtube. His dance moves are hilarious and I love when he screams “WE.ARE” in such earnest, and the chick and the bro at the end who give him such looks of condescension as they watch him carry out his one-man flash mob. The entire concept of a flashmob is so hilarious and weird, and I love that they did a commercial making fun of it. Love this.


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3 responses to “AT&T Flash Mob Commercial

  1. HAHAHA. My favorite commercial, right now.

  2. The All Knowing One

    That’s because they are part of the flash mob too, and he ruined it for them…

  3. jim

    We AreWhat was he going to stay. someone please find his info and email him or atnt

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